PLEDT Series

PLEDT Series | LED lighting & temperature controlled plant growth chambers


LED lighting & temperature controlled plant growth chambers

"Providing precision control of temperature and lighting, Steridium's pledt Series of low to mid intensity plant growth chamber provide repeatable and reliable conditions for world leading research institutions in Australia and around the world.

Lighting is delivered through state of the LED lighting cassettes directly above individual shelves - providing even distributed light throughout the chamber ideal for plant growth research with low and mid intensity lighting requirements.

The versatile LED lighting system offers a range of Cool and Warm white combinations, and Red Green Blue systems with variable spectrum and intensity.


  • 30┬áto 2400L chamber capacities
  • 4 to 50C operating temperature
  • 150umol/m2/sec
  • Direct lighting above individual shelves with LED Lighting cassettes
  • Optional Co2 Control


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Shelf LED lighting
Temperature only

Capacity (Litres)

30, 80, 160, 170, 320, 500, 800, 1200, 1600, 1620, 2400

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