EAC Series

EAC Series


Steridium high temperature and humidity test chambers are used for a wide range of soak and cycling tests - for a variety of applications, from electronic pc boards, to pharmacuetical and food shelf life tests.

The ehr series test chamber offers precision temperature and humidity control from 4 to 200C, 20-90%RH with specific ramp rates are acheivable to meet industry specific requirements.

The chambers' standard humidity envelope can be extended to by adding ultra low and ultra high humidity options - from 10 to 95%RH


  • 4 to 200C
  • 170 to 5000L chamber capacities
  • 20-90% RH
  • automatic cycling of temperature and humidity
  • side cable access port for monitoring of device under test



EAC-3240 Datasheet.pdf

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EAC Series

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